A little while ago at 7:30 pm, the results of the exit survey were announced.

Based on the results, let's take a look at the results of the exit poll to see which candidate is predicted to run first in 17 cities and provinces across the country.

In the local elections four years ago, the Democratic Party won 14 places, and only looking at the results of the exit poll, a change in local power is expected.

Let's see it from the left side of the screen.

It is expected that Seoul, the power of the people will take it.

Gyeonggi, close battle, Incheon, as well as Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Daegu, and North Gyeongsang Province are all predicted to be taken by the people's power.

In Gwangju, Jeonnam, and Jeonbuk, the Democratic Party is predicted to be number one.

It was predicted that Daejeon, a close battle, Chungnam, the power of the people, Sejong would be a close battle, and North Chungcheong would be taken by the power of the people.

The power of the people of Gangwon-do, Jeju is predicted to be taken over by the Democratic Party.

In total, the results of the exit poll showed that the People's Power will fight in 10 places, the Democratic Party in 4 places, and Gyeonggi, Daejeon, and Sejong in 3 places.

The expression of the people's power and the Democratic Party, who received this expected report card, were different.

Then, we will show you once again what the mood of both parties was when the results of the exit poll were announced a little while ago.

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As a result of the exit survey of the three broadcasting companies including SBS, three places were predicted to be close to each other within the margin of error.

The Gyeonggi governor, which was selected as the biggest match, was predicted to be a close battle with Democratic Party candidate Kim Dong-yeon with 48.8% and People's Strength candidate Kim Eun-hye with 49.4%.

Daejeon and Sejong were also predicted to be close to each other, with Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung 49.6%, People's Power Lee Jang-woo 50.4%, Sejong Mayor Lee Chun-hee 49.4% Democratic People's Power Candidate Choi Min-ho 50.6%, within the margin of error. was predicted as

The power of the people was predicted to be superior in 10 places outside the margin of error.

Candidate Oh Se-hoon, the Mayor of the People's Power, took the top spot in the prediction, with 58.7% of the mayor of Seoul and Yoo Jeong-bok of the Incheon Mayor with 51.2% of the vote.

For the Chungnam governor, Kim Tae-heum, a candidate for the power of the people, 54.1%, and for the Chungcheongbuk-do governor, Kim Young-hwan, the candidate for the people's strength, 56.5%, leading the prediction.

In Gangwon Province, Candidate Jintae Kim, the People's Strength, was predicted to take first place with 54.9%.

Looking at the Yeongnam region, in the case of Busan mayor, People’s Strength candidate Park Hyung-jun 66.9%, Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom 60.8%, People’s Strength Park Wan-su 65.3%, Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo 79.4% , and Gyeongbuk Governor Lee Cheol-woo, the People's Strength, was predicted to take first place with 79% of the votes.

Democrats took the lead in predictions in four places.

In the Honam region, Democratic Party candidate Kang Ki-jeong took the lead with 77.4%, Jeonnam governor Kim Young-rok 79.1%, and Jeonbuk governor Kim Kwan-young 82.4%, respectively.

In the Jeju branch, Democratic Party candidate Oh Young-hoon ranked first with 56.5% of the prediction.

The exit poll for the national election for regional heads of local governments by the three terrestrial broadcasters was conducted for about 100,000 voters at 631 polling places across the country from 6 am to 6 pm this morning.

A systematic extraction method was used in which the fifth voter coming out of the polling place exit was surveyed at equal intervals.

The margin of error is ±1.6 to 3.4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.