As the Korean government started accepting visa applications for foreigners who want to enter Korea for individual tourism purposes at various diplomatic missions abroad on the 1st, a procession of people from Japan to Korea continued.

The consulate department of the Korean Embassy in Japan distributed number tickets to 205 of those who came to apply for tourist visas on that day and accepted the application form.

The number of people who applied for a visa is expected to be much higher, as there are cases where a single person may have submitted multiple applications.

Some of those who failed to submit their visa application on that day prepared to stay up all night in a line for several dozen meters in India near the consulate so that they could submit it on the 2nd.

The reasons why they wanted to travel to Korea were many things related to Korean culture, such as watching idol concerts.

Initially, Korea and Japan were operating a visa-free stay system for less than 90 days, but due to the spread of COVID-19, the effect of this system was suspended in March 2020.

In the case of Japan, compared to Korea, it is trying to admit much more restrictive entry into the country for the purpose of travel.

Starting from the 10th of this month, Japan plans to allow entry for tourism purposes to participants of tour agencies' package tours accompanied by a guide.

Entry for tourism purposes in the form of free travel is not yet recognized.

(Photo = Yonhap News)