The Administrative Court of Appeal of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) recently made public the conviction of the University of Orléans (Loiret).

The establishment will have to pay 8,000 euros in damages to a lecturer for “moral damage” and “disorders in living conditions”.

Between 2006 and 2011, the academic had not received any assignment despite his request.

The establishment was however required to assign him a position within a reasonable time, explains Actu Chartres.

Without assignment, the teacher had then created his company

At the end of this five-year period, the faculty had claimed reimbursement of the 160,000 euros collected, which it was entitled to do according to the administrative jurisdiction.

The teacher had indeed created in 2007 a company selling cars without the prior agreement of his employer.

In a judgment of March 4, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Nantes ordered the university to pay the professor 1,500 euros to cover his legal costs in addition to damages.


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