A Taiwanese artist talked about the epidemic but was threatened by the Green Camp. Zhao Shaokang angrily criticized: How many children do you have to die?


  [Global Times Special Correspondent Cheng Dong Li Yao] Taiwan's epidemic has recently climbed to more than 80,000 confirmed cases per day, resulting in a surge in demand for medical resources.

Island artist Guo Yanjun said recently that he received a call from a medical friend and said, "I saw so many children and left like this", which expressed the feelings of many people.

However, this sentence touched the bad head of "Executive President" Su Zhenchang, and Guo was frantically suppressed by DPP politicians and the Green Camp Internet Army.

DPP threatens to investigate

  Taiwanese artist Guo Yanjun and his twin brothers have developed in the field of hosting and drama in recent years, and they have also participated in the mainland variety show "Running Brothers".

A few days ago, he shared a chat with a medical friend on social platforms.

Guo Yanjun revealed that he received a call from a medical friend early in the morning, and the other party shed tears while talking about the death of the children, "Life shouldn't end like this."

The doctor hopes that Guo Yanjun can use the power of public figures to change some things.

  After the chat content was sent out, Guo Yanjun was frantically "going out" by the Green Camp Internet Army, asking him to delete the article and apologize.

On the 27th, Guo Yanjun, who was under heavy pressure, said on Facebook that his mood was greatly affected, and explained the content of "so many children have gone" in the screenshot. The clarification did not imply that the hospital did not know the information or concealed the epidemic, but To relay the feelings of others, "I'm really sorry that such a private conversation has caused panic among many people!"

  However, the DPP authorities did not intend to let him go.

On the 28th, Taiwan's "Executive President" Su Zhenchang said that such "false rumors" have obvious traces of manipulation, which are very illegal and inappropriate, and will be investigated and dealt with.

Chen Shizhong, the commander of Taiwan's "epidemic prevention and control command center", also threatened to impose a maximum fine of NT$3 million.

Strong rebound on the island

  The actions of the DPP authorities have sparked a strong backlash on the island.

Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun said on the 28th that young lives are disappearing, (28th) two more children aged five or six have left, and 10 children have left. "Is it a small number?" He called on all party officials in Taiwan. All support Guo Yanjun and children.

Zhao Shaokang, chairman of "Zhongguang", criticized angrily, "Please Su Zhenchang and Tsai Ing-wen make it clear that in the eyes of your high-ranking officials, how many children are dead? Isn't it fake news? Can we start to feel sad?" He said, For every parent, the death of one child is too many, and it will be a lifetime of regret and pain that cannot be erased.

Lian Shengwen, vice chairman of the Kuomintang, said that Guo Yanjun's words made him feel the same.

  On the 29th, a number of Kuomintang "legislators" went to the Criminal Bureau and "surrendered themselves", saying that what Guo Yanjun said was the truth, the authorities wanted to do it together, and asked Tsai Ing-wen, Su Zhenchang and Chen Shizhong to apologize.

"Legislator" Wan Meiling said that Taiwan's children have a much higher rate of severe illness and mortality than neighboring areas. Su Zhenchang and Chen Shizhong did not face this fact, but just blindly suppressed the people.

On the same day, a number of congressional candidates also went to the Criminal Bureau to "surrender" and posted their own posts on the Internet speaking out for children, angering the authorities "to do it together with us."

On the 29th, Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe said that many parents queued up in the rain and across counties and cities to get their children's vaccines, indicating that parents are anxious and the authorities must be sympathetic.

  Some Taiwanese parent groups have criticized that they have no empathy at all after seeing the remarks made by the officials.

Liu Mingyang, vice chairman of the All-Taiwan Parent Association, said that taking Xionglin Township, Hsinchu County, where he lives, as an example, there is only one clinic in the township that can prescribe medicine through video, but recently more and more children are diagnosed, and video prescription is also required. Queuing up, "If 10 dead people are not human, what is human?" "I can't stop Guo Yanjun, but I can't stop my mouth." Since the 28th, the comments on the Facebook page of Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen, Angry netizens swiped the screen and repeated the phrase "many children are gone" to show support for Guo Yanjun.

What about "content farms"?

  Unable to control the anger of the people, the DPP authorities began to point the finger at the opposing "content farms" (referring to the Internet army that specializes in brushing content).

According to a report by Taiwan's "Dongsen News Cloud" on the 29th, although the Taiwan police said that they have no plans to interview Guo Yanjun for the time being, they claimed that many of the "fake articles" of the epidemic were published by accounts from "content farms".

  An online poll conducted by Taiwan's United News Network on the 29th showed that 97% of netizens believed that the DPP authorities should not investigate Guo Yanjun.

Even inside the Green Camp, there are people who support Guo. You Yinglong, chairman of the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation", said on the 29th, how could the DPP authorities degenerate into this?

  Taiwan's "China Times" commented on the 29th that "a flower is born, and my parents are still in pain." song.

Now, comparing this song to the Guo Yanjun incident, "You were my baby before the election. After the election, only a few sophistry died. How ironic."

This "new Taiwan model" of "punishing anyone who questions" has been common for more than two years; if there is really no evidence, the cyber army will be responsible for blasting.

The article said that, in order to protect themselves, the "Executive President" and the "epidemic prevention commander" are still struggling to kill a few children to be considered "too many". In the eyes of the common people, this scene may be more sad than anger.

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  On the 29th, Taiwan added 76,539 local cases and 66 imported cases.

There were 145 new deaths, a new high.

Statistics have found that the child mortality rate in Taiwan is much higher than that in other regions, which has aroused the concern of many people.

  Among the newly confirmed cases on the 29th, there were 224 cases of moderate disease and 134 cases of severe disease, of which 2 were severe cases of children, both of which were complicated by encephalitis, aged 1 and 6 years old respectively.

Statistics show that as of the 29th, there have been a total of 22 severe cases of children in Taiwan, of which 11 were complicated by encephalitis, and 5 died unfortunately; a total of 10 children died.

Taiwan's "China Times" said on the 29th that the severe mortality rate of Taiwan under 10 years old after contracting the epidemic is quite high, much higher than that of Singapore, Japan and South Korea. The problem of insufficient supporting measures for children's epidemic prevention exposed is undoubtedly the DPP authorities. The most salvageable breach.

According to a report by Taiwan's Yahoo News on the 29th, Su Yifeng, a thoracic surgeon in Taipei City Union Medical College, released a set of data in solidarity with Guo Yanjun. Among them, the child mortality rate in Japan was 0.55 per 100,000, South Korea was 0.86 per 100,000, and Taiwan was 0.55 per 100,000. 5/100,000, 10 times higher than Japan and 8 times higher than South Korea.

  Some analysts believe that high child mortality may be related to less vaccination.

United News Network said that the authorities of Tsai Ing-wen did not consider defenseless children at all before opening up to "coexist with the virus."

The third shot for teenagers over the age of 12 was started after the new "3+4" home isolation regulations, and the children's vaccine was not planned to be implemented.

Some parents in Kaohsiung City said that the online appointment was stuck, and there were no calls to more than 20 clinics.