Nigeria, Netherlands and Malta report confirmed cases of monkeypox

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 30 (Xinhua) Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters in Abuja, The Hague and Valletta reported: Since the beginning of this year, a total of 21 cases of human monkeypox infection (hereinafter referred to as monkeypox cases) have been confirmed in Nigeria, and a total of 26 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the Netherlands. pox cases.

Since Malta reported its first monkeypox case on the 28th of this month, there have been no new cases as of the 30th.

  According to a report released on the evening of the 29th by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, a subsidiary of the Nigerian Ministry of Health, from January 1 to May 29 this year, a total of 66 suspected cases of monkeypox were reported in more than 20 states in Nigeria, of which 21 were confirmed and 1 was confirmed. The deceased had a more serious underlying disease and was receiving immunosuppressive drug treatment before his death.

Recent assessments show that Nigeria faces a high risk of monkeypox transmission. The Nigerian government has launched an inter-departmental emergency response mechanism to strengthen monkeypox detection capabilities and control the spread of the epidemic.

  The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment said on the 30th that a total of 26 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the country.

The Netherlands reported its first monkeypox case this year on May 20.

  Malta's Ministry of Health reported the country's first confirmed case of monkeypox on the 28th. The monkeypox patient is a 38-year-old male Maltese resident who recently returned from a country where monkeypox cases were found.

The patient developed mild symptoms of monkeypox infection and is currently isolated at home and does not require hospitalization.

  Malta's Health Minister Fehn said earlier that Malta's health sector is ready to deal with new cases of monkeypox.

(Participating reporters: Guo Jun, Wang Xiangjiang, Chen Wenxian)