China News Service, Shenzhen, May 29th: Love event planner Hong Kong youth Huang Yixian realizes his dream in Qianhai, Shenzhen

  Author Zhu Zuying

  In the past, continuing to work in Hong Kong or coming to the mainland for development was a major choice faced by Hong Kong youth Huang Yixian.

Now, through the "Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program" of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Huang Yixian came to Qianhai, Shenzhen, and embraced the event planning work he loved deeply.

  "The dream of Qianhai can be said to be my current state of life. The positioning of Qianhai is very consistent with my career development plan." Huang Yixian said in an interview a few days ago.

  Growing up in Hong Kong, Huang Yixian has a strong interest in event planning since he was a child, and studied sports management. Most of his work experience is related to the preparation of sports competitions. His career development plan is to plan, organize and coordinate large-scale exhibitions and events.

  After graduating in 2020, Huang Yixian found an internship in Hong Kong, and by chance, he opened the door to mainland cities in the Bay Area.

The picture shows Huang Yixian (the second from the right) receiving the keys for renting an affordable house provided by the Hong Kong and Macau Youth Post.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  "At that time, my internship position was event planning, and the company often brought Hong Kong brands to the mainland for promotion. I also took this opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial and employment atmosphere in Shenzhen, especially when I learned that the mainland's policy support for Hong Kong and Macao youth is very strong, and I began to have an idea. The idea of ​​working in the mainland." Huang Yixian said.

  In particular, both parents and sisters developed in the mainland, and the focus of the family has also shifted to the mainland.

Huang Yixian made a decision and came to Shenzhen Qianhai Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (referred to as "Youth Innovation Center").

Here, he will integrate the experience accumulated in Hong Kong, such as brainstorming, expressing creative ideas, public relations handling, etc., into the communication and management of the team.

  At the end of last year, the Youth Entrepreneurship Center held the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Entrepreneurship Market. Huang Yixian and the team added many youth elements to the event design. Small concerts and three-person basketball games were added to make the atmosphere more youthful and full of entertainment, attracting more and more people. Fewer young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao joined.

  Huang Yixian said: "I grew up in Hong Kong, I also have work experience in foreign countries, and now I work in the Mainland. Having international experience can allow me to better develop my strengths in the Bay Area." He believes that Qianhai The positioning and development of "relying on Hong Kong, serving the mainland, and facing the world" is very advantageous, which is very similar to my own growth experience.

The picture shows Huang Yixian (left) and Cai Youxiang taking a group photo at the Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macau Youth Post.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  Now, Huang Yixian often shares his development situation with his friends in Hong Kong, hoping to increase their confidence in coming to the development of mainland cities in the Bay Area.

Before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, he often brought friends to experience the development of the mainland on the spot.

  Huang Yixian hopes to be a "ferryman" to help young friends solve their doubts about policies and obtain more career development information, including providing channels for networking and other aspects.

  In addition to work, Huang Yixian is also the "lucky winner" of the first Hong Kong and Macau youth station in Shenzhen. He and many young friends from Hong Kong and Macau have a "home" in Shenzhen.

He said: "In the early stage, the inn received over 200 applications from young people from Hong Kong and Macau, and the suites provided are already full. There are single young people, small families, and couples here." (End)