Today (30th) is Seoul for the last time, in order to listen to the public opinion of the major winners ahead of the local elections.

Reporter Kang Min-woo listened to the voices of voters in Seoul who are highly interested in real estate policies.


In addition to its symbolism, the mayor of Seoul, the capital city, is the only head of a regional government to attend the State Council meeting, and thus has a great impact on overall state affairs beyond municipal administration.

Democratic Party candidate Song Young-gil, who served as a five-term member of the National Assembly, plays the role of checking and balancing the Yun Seok-yeol government, and candidate Oh Se-hoon, who is challenging the fourth-term mayor, emphasizes stable administration through government cooperation.

What choices will the citizens of Seoul make?

The candidates I supported and the reasons were slightly different,

[Park Sang-eun/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: I filmed it once.

If one side is suddenly pushed, there is a difference, right?]

[Lee Young-gyun/Seoul Gangseo-gu: Oh, I am supporting Mayor.

If we merge with the current government and do well...


All men and women of all ages agreed on the need to solve real estate problems.

[Song Ji-young / Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul: I hope that the real estate problem can be taken care of.]

[Jong-wook Lee / Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul: In the end, the most urgent priority is now housing policy…


In particular, there were many voices calling for a tangible policy reform.

[Lee Jae-won / Jongno-gu, Seoul: Everyone talks a lot about it from a policy point of view, but I hope it can be felt.]

Candidate Song promised to supply 410,000 housing units through tax reform such as the abolition of the comprehensive real estate tax and development of real estate Naegok-dong and Guryong Village. Candidate Oh advocates shortening the period of redevelopment and reconstruction projects and supplying Seoul-style high-quality rental housing.

Expectations and concerns crossed over the redevelopment policies proposed by both candidates.

[Byeon Woo-seok / Guro-gu, Seoul: The housing side seems to have a structure where the price is lowered only when the supply is good...


[Jeon Dong-pyo / Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul: (Construction) Cost has risen a lot, so what will happen?


The share is burdensome. To be honest.]

The mayor's virtue that the Seoulites I met valued as important was 'listening'.

[Park Yun-ju/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: It is a wish that you always open your ears and accept (citizen’s voice) so that it flows well like water.] The

last three terrestrial surveys before the ban on public opinion poll results were Song Young-gil 31.2%, Oh Se-hoon 53.6% The final score report will be released two days later, whether Candidate Song's turn over or Candidate Oh's hardening.

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-shik, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Kang Kyung-rim·Lee Yeon-hee)