Insecure housing is pointed out as one of the risk factors for women and children on the run.

According to the police and organizations that work with refugee reception in Sweden that SVT spoke to, the first contact between perpetrators and victims of various types of sexual abuse is often about housing.

Either the contact takes place over the internet with an offer of accommodation or when the person has come to Sweden.

Lend accommodation for free

To reduce the risk of women being exposed to unscrupulous private individuals, the initiative A Safe Start in Sweden was launched in March this year.

Save the Children, Sweden's city missions and Beredskapslyftet are behind the project together with the platform. 

Private individuals can state that they can lend a home for free for two to four weeks.

Safe start in Sweden background checks and matches the accommodation with a family based on their needs.

- We saw that there was an incredible willingness among private individuals to help and there was a broad competence in civil society.

At the same time, we heard testimonies about insecure housing situations.

So then we sat down with a number of organizations to see how we could do this in a good and safe way, says Oscar Stege Unger, initiator.

500 residents are ready

As the background checks take time, it is only a few weeks ago that the accommodation began to be ready for matching.

According to Oskar Stege Unger, they have about 500 homes, of which about a hundred have been matched with Ukrainian families.

Experience has shown that approximately two to four weeks is a reasonable time for private individuals to lease their accommodation.

Then the idea is to find more long-term housing either by yourself or in public, says Oscar Stege Unger.

Hear Oscar Stege Unger about how they ensure that the homes they match are safe in the clip above.