Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has replied to the people of all ethnic groups many times, with earnest messages, full of affection, earnest expectations, and inspiring people to forge ahead.

  In 2017, because General Secretary Xi Jinping was often seen on TV to visit and condolence to the masses in remote mountainous areas, the two sisters Zhuoga and Yangzong from Yumai Township in Tibet started to write to the General Secretary, reporting on the experience of defending the border for the country and the development and changes of their hometown. idea.

In October of that year, the general secretary replied to them.

(Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Pubuzaxi)

  In the letter, the general secretary encouraged them to continue to inherit the spirit of patriotism and guarding the border, and to drive more herdsmen to take root in the snowy borders like Gesanghua, to be the guardians of the sacred land and the builders of happy homes.

  Solang Dundup, the first secretary of Yumai Village, Yumai Township, is the son of Yangzong. In recent years, with the support of national policies, he has led the villagers to develop the economy and tourism resources, and constantly practice the general secretary's affectionate entrustment...

(Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Pubuzaxi)

  Now Yumai Township is getting better and better. The former "Three Township" has become a well-off township with more than 200 people in 67 households and two administrative villages under its jurisdiction.

In 2021, the per capita annual income of the township will be nearly 40,000 yuan.

In front of every house, the bright five-star red flag is raised high; the newly built kindergarten and primary school can hear the sound of children reading...

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