The old barrel room has been covered with water for more than 100 years.

There are much larger barrels here than in other mines from the same time period.

Now the divers from Sala silvergruva diving club are rediscovering the historical environment, and with the help of historical sources they have been able to determine what the room has been used for.

Micael Björk and Dykprojekt Sala Silvergruva can show that Tunnrummet has been an experimental facility for leaching silver by chemical means.

The ore was crushed, chlorideised and rinsed with a solution consisting of sulfuric acid or copper sulphate and water.

Silver sulfide was formed from the process.

Comprehensive mapping

Micael Björk's research shows that the results of the experiments, which in historical sources are referred to as bold, did not meet expectations.

The business was closed down after a while.

The 3D model of the thin room is part of the comprehensive survey of an entire floor in the mine.

In the clip you see Dive project Sala silver mine's 3D model of Tunnrummet.