When Rut Larsson was in her 90s, she wanted to learn more about flying and started testing things like paragliding, gliding and ballooning.

In 2019, she did her first parachute jump, 101 years old.

But there was no world record, because a couple of months before the American Kathryn Hodges had jumped, 103 years and 129 days old.

Now Rut Larsson has passed the respectable age and was at 14 o'clock on Sunday ready to take over the world record, in the same place where she jumped three years ago, just outside Motala.

The first Swede to perform a parachute jump was Axel Raoul Thörnblad in 1920, when Rut Larsson was two years old.

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Join a dizzying jump when Rut Larsson becomes world record holder - 103 years old.

Photo: Joppe de Kort / Linköping parachute club

Follow when Rut Larsson jumps - and becomes a world record holder - in the clips above.