- When we see young men who are in conflicts, there is a strong need to have weapons close at hand.

This is because you are afraid of your own life and want to be able to act quickly, because you are shot or when the person you are looking for shows up, says Christoffer Bohman, head of the investigation section at the police in Sörmland, to the radio.

Since the turn of the year, there have been 16 shootings in Eskilstuna - one tenth of all shootings in the country.

During the same period, the local police seized 14 small arms and large quantities of drugs.

The weapons have been found both during house searches and in public places.

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- The shootings affect security, says deputy local police area manager in Eskilstuna, Oscar Nissfolk.

But he does not think one should feel worried.

Hear him talk about the shots on Monday night in the clip.

Photo: SVT