China News Service, May 28. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, on the 28th, the Ministry of Education responded to the issue of the illustrations of the elementary school mathematics textbooks in the People's Education Edition.

The Ministry of Education stated that recently, the PPE version of primary school mathematics textbook illustrations has received widespread attention from the society, and the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to it. After research, it was decided to instruct the People's Education Publishing House to immediately rectify and reorganize professional forces to draw textbook illustrations to ensure that they will be used in the fall semester of 2022. new textbook.

The Ministry of Education will organize a team of experts to conduct strict review and check.

  The Ministry of Education immediately deployed a comprehensive inspection of the textbooks for primary and secondary schools across the country, focusing on the content and illustrations of the textbooks, and immediately rectified any problems found to ensure that the textbooks adhere to the correct political direction and value orientation, promote the excellent Chinese culture, and conform to the public's aesthetic habits.

  Unblock the rapid response channel for textbook problems in primary and secondary schools, and welcome comments and suggestions from all walks of life at any time. The Ministry of Education will carefully study and judge and deal with them in a timely manner.

Email: for problems with teaching materials.

Screenshot of the Ministry of Education website