Monkey pox, monkeypox, is a very rare disease caused by infection with monkey pox virus.

The most common route of transmission is from animals to humans, but monkey smallpox can be transmitted by close contact between humans.

Calls for caution

Anders Nystedt, infection control doctor at the Norrbotten Region, says that it is a very unusual disease but calls for caution and attention, and that suspicious cases should be reported.

Low risk if you avoid hugs

The most common symptoms of monkey pox are fever, swollen lymph nodes, general malaise and skin rash with blisters.

- The most common route of infection from person to person is contact infection, so if you do not have close contact and touch each other and hug, the infectivity is very low, says Anders Nystedt.

In the clip, you hear the infection control doctor about the monkey cup virus.