The new national standard red scarf is "more colorful"

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhang Nan) The red scarf will be more wear-resistant and sweat-resistant, not easy to curl and fall off the thread, and it will be more difficult to fade whether it is worn or washed, and there is no need to distinguish the front and back.

The "June 1st" Children's Day is approaching. Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standard Committee) approved the release of a new version of the national standard for "Red Scarf".

  In recent years, some places have reported that the red scarf products on the market have problems such as rough sewing process, fading, and thin fabrics, which affect the standardization and solemnity of the Young Pioneers logo.

In order to further standardize the production, use and management of red scarves, improve the quality of red scarves products, and maintain the image of the Young Pioneers, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standards Committee) approved and issued a new version of the national standard "Red Scarf".

  Compared with the previous version released in 2012, the new version of the national standard puts forward specific and refined indicators in the specifications, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, storage and transportation and marking of red scarves. , practicability and other aspects have been comprehensively strengthened, and it is clearly proposed that basic safety items should meet the standards for children's textile products that come into direct contact with the skin, which improves the overall quality standard.

  In terms of assessment items, the new version of the standard adds combustion performance, color fastness to saliva (only small red scarves are tested) and color fastness to light, etc. to improve the safety and durability of products; in terms of color fastness, stricter Color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to water, and color fastness to soaping are required to ensure that the product has a high level of color fastness and effectively reduce the risk of dye transfer to the human body during use. ;In terms of sewing, the requirements that the overlapping length of the waist and bottom seams should not be greater than 2cm, the stitch density should not be less than 12 stitches/3cm, and the two acute angles of the red scarf should be closed and sewed are added to effectively solve the problem that the red scarf is easy to roll. edge and off-line issues.

In addition, more and higher requirements have also been added in terms of color difference assessment and product marking.

  The red scarf is the symbol of the Young Pioneers, an important symbol of the Young Pioneers organization, and has important political and spiritual connotations.

The release and implementation of this standard will provide manufacturers with newer and higher technical requirements, which will help to improve the quality of red scarves products circulating in the market. important meaning.

  The new national standard of "Red Scarf" will be officially implemented on November 1, 2022.