It is necessary to cherish historical honors, be a good "model of the times", strive for self-improvement, stop at perfection, and grow up in the military school.

A brigade of the 83rd Group Army "Three Great Achievements"——

The fire of honor illuminates the journey of struggle

  ■People's Liberation Army Daily reporter Qian Xiaohu Han Cheng Zhang laughs

  "Soldier's Forum" is new again!

  In the early summer, the reporter once again came to the "Three Great Achievement Company" of a brigade of the 83rd Group Army, and saw that the company has carried out many years of study activities, attracting the active participation of officers and soldiers of the whole brigade.

  At the event site, the reporter saw Wang Jinlong, the instructor of the third battalion of the brigade.

When President Xi came to visit the officers and soldiers of the "Three Company of Great Achievements", Wang Jinlong was the company instructor.

  Talking about the old company, Wang Jinlong couldn't help but recall the exciting scene: On January 23, 2017, President Xi braved the cold to come to the "Three Company of Great Achievements".

In the company dormitory, President Xi greeted the officers and soldiers to sit together, asked each of them about their study, training, and ideological conditions, and told them to cherish historical honors, be a good "model of the times", strive for self-improvement, and stop at perfection. Growing up in college.

  On July 28, 2017, President Xi presented the award flag to the "Three Great Contributions" who won the honorary title of "Learning and Implementing the Party's Innovative Theory Model Company" at the Bayi Building in Beijing.

At that moment, the huge sense of honor made Wang Jinlong's heart beat faster and his body was full of strength.

  Back in the company, Wang Jinlong kept the award flag in the honor room, with an unprecedented sense of urgency haunting him.

  Early the next morning, Wang Jinlong summoned the members of the company's party branch to unify their thoughts: the title of honor is the supreme glory of the company.

  Since then, the "Three Company of Great Achievements" has designated July 28 as the "Honor Day" of the company.

Every year on this day, the company organizes officers and soldiers to watch the video of President Xi presenting the award flag, relive the exciting moments, and take stock of new changes and achievements.

  Honor is the memory of history and the carrier of spirit.

  In the 1970s, officers and soldiers of the "Three Company of Great Achievements" lit kerosene lamps in the tunnels of the national defense construction to study the party's theory, and their advanced deeds were well-known throughout the country.

The stars have shifted, and the officers and soldiers of the company in the new era have continued to inherit the "kerosene lamp spirit", insisted on building the company and educating people with Xi Jinping's idea of ​​strengthening the army, and achieved a new leap in the overall construction of the unit.

  As night fell, the company's "Theory Night School" started again.

The reporter saw that the squad leader Hou Longfei started from a kerosene lamp and told the conscripts of the company the glorious tradition of learning theories, comprehending ideas, and building loyalty.

  During the reform and adjustment period, Hou Longfei was transferred to the "Three Company of Great Achievements".

What surprised him was that after the daily heavy training tasks were over, the veterans in the class still went to the study room to study the party's innovative theories.

  What forces make them so obsessed with theoretical learning?

Under the influence of his comrades-in-arms, Hou Longfei followed into the study room.

  "Theoretical study can't be 'eat a fat man in one bite', it must be done step by step." Hou Longfei remembered that the monitor regularly gave him a list of theoretical study books, leading him to open the door of theoretical study little by little.

He gradually entered the state of learning and became more and more interested in theoretical learning.

  "Theoretical study focuses on connecting with practice, solving problems, and especially unraveling ideological knots." Hou Longfei remembers that, as a witness of this round of reform and adjustment of the army, he was once confused: Why did the old unit withdraw when it said it was withdrawn?

After learning about his confusion, the platoon leader took him to study President Xi's important exposition on reforming and strengthening the army, helping him understand the far-reaching significance and major deployment of the "key move", and also inspired him to think about how to struggle and transform in the face of reform. .

  "Sanlian's theoretical study is like an energy field, which influences us subtly. Whoever comes here will become more active, brighter and more motivated." Hou Longfei told reporters that now, not only is he integrated into the company's big family, but also The work has also progressed significantly, and he has also become a monitor.

  Surrounded by the energy field of theoretical study, the officers and soldiers of the "Three Companies of Great Achievement" insisted on arming their minds, guiding practice, and promoting work with Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army, and made contributions in the fiery military camp.

  Private Li Hao was not very motivated to study at the beginning of his enlistment. The squad leader often took him to the company bookstore to review historical traditions, read theoretical books, and relive the stories behind the company's honor.

Li Hao gradually developed the habit of theoretical study and grew into the backbone of theoretical study.

At the end of last year, he was rated as an outstanding soldier of the "Four Possessions".

  Private Zhang Biao grew up in the northwest and was not very comfortable with sea training.

After training, the monitor took him to read "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth".

The struggle stories that happened on the loess land made Zhang Biao arouse his fighting spirit.

He was determined to pass the "sea training pass", plucked up the courage to challenge the deep water area, and quickly made up for the shortcomings of training.

  To cherish historical honors, we must not only keep the tradition, but also innovate and develop.

  Company instructor Qiao Wenze said: "When President Xi inspected the company, he saw officers and soldiers using modern information means to innovate learning methods, and encouraged everyone to carry forward their fine traditions, keep close to the times, practice, and officers and soldiers, and do a good job of arming the mind with the party's innovative theory Work... The company keeps the entrustment in mind and constantly explores innovative learning methods."

  The reporter saw in the online study room that the college student soldier Jing Shuai entered the "Cloud Education" live broadcast room, and the "Soldier Forum" officially started.

He interacted with his comrades in the whole brigade online, and talked about his insights and growth.

  During the live broadcast, Jing Shuai swiped his fingers, and a photo of the soldier's scalded arm was displayed on the big screen, and the scene behind him also switched to the exercise screen.

  During the actual military exercise, a charging infantry chariot suddenly had a flat tire.

At a critical juncture, the company's third sergeant major Zhang Zhaocheng replaced the hot tires.

It was not until the end of the exercise that the comrades found that his arm was scalded.

  With the help of pictures and videos, Jing Shuai tells the story of the strong army of his comrades in arms, and shares his understanding of the "four haves" of the revolutionary soldiers in the new era.

The immersive scenes and sincere narration made the officers and soldiers who listened to the class online very touched. Everyone rushed to speak, and the likes and messages scrolled intensively on the screen.

  Over the years, "Three Links of Great Achievement" has innovated learning methods such as curriculum-based omics, popularized lectures, normalized learning assistance, individualized self-study, and network-based learning assistance. You can listen to lectures by video and make online evaluations in the class; regularly enrich the content of the "Soldier Forum", and introduce carriers such as video logs that the officers and soldiers of the "Internet Generation" like.

The learning form that integrates elements of the times and closely follows the characteristics of officers and soldiers effectively enhances the attractiveness of the company's theoretical learning.

  Cherish the historical honor and let the officers and soldiers of the company grow up in the military university.

  The reporter opened the company's honor book and saw: last year, the squad leader led the team to win the brigade in the assault boat competition; this year, soldier Chen Zebin won the two championships in the armored driving professional theory and practical competition... every competition In the competition, the officers and soldiers of the company always win gold and silver.

  Company Commander Zhao Bin said: "The 'Three Company of Great Achievements' was born in the war against Japan. It was named after four great achievements during the war. Our illustrious name was created by our revolutionary ancestors. This 'golden signboard' needs a new generation of Three Company. People continue to polish."

  During the interview, a heavy rain came unexpectedly.

  The hurried assembly whistle sounded from the corridor, and the officers and soldiers of the company quickly put on combat gear and rushed to the infantry chariot to start training as planned.

The reporter boarded the command car and saw that the officers and soldiers were all in place.

"Let's go!" Zhao Bin gave an order, and the chariot roared towards the training area.

  "When President Xi inspected the company, I was still a platoon leader. Being able to listen to President Xi's earnest teachings on the spot is an honor and inspiration that I will remember for a lifetime." Zhao Bin has always treasured the photos of President Xi sitting and talking cordially with officers and soldiers. in the workbook.

Recalling the scene of the day, he was still enthusiastic: "taking over the baton of the honorary company commander, I feel that the responsibility on my shoulders is heavier, and I dare not relax."

  "In the company's honor room, President Xi said earnestly that the army must be able to fight and win battles and perform its fundamental functions well. Whenever I recall President Xi's entrustment and concern to us, I remind myself that we must use first-class actual combat capabilities. Continue to write the glorious honor of the company." Zhao Bin said.

  During the training interval, the reporter followed Zhao Bin to the company's "digital research room", and saw the digital 3D sand table and other information-based decision-making aids at a glance.

This "digital research room" is the epitome of the company's officers and soldiers dedicated to fighting.

  "The establishment of a 'digital research and war room' at the company level is the first in the whole brigade." Zhao Bin said proudly, "Don't look at its small area, but it has the functions of military theory study, battle case study, and combat planning. Brigade, battalion, and company command posts conducted online deductions, and many of the new tactics we explored here were promoted by superiors.”

  In the "Three Companies of Great Achievement", planning for training, researching warfare and learning theories have become the habit of officers and soldiers.

Zhao Bin told reporters that every time a brother unit came to the company to discuss how to learn theories, the company seized the opportunity to discuss with them the issue of system training: learn about navigation from the naval unit, communicate with the engineer unit to clear mines and break obstacles, and discuss with the air assault unit for coordinated assault. ...

  Bearing honor and striving to strengthen the army, the "Three Companies of Great Achievement" kept shifting gears and speeding up on the road of transformation. The officers and soldiers used their strength to win more "firsts": the company was the first in the whole brigade to complete the standardized construction of the combat readiness warehouse; new equipment Entered the ranks, the company achieved good results in the first hit, and took the lead in forming combat effectiveness in the entire brigade...

  Source丨Learning Corps (ID: xuexijuntuan), PLA Daily