There is a big loophole in the police response at the time of the mass shooting of a Texas elementary school in the United States, in which 21 people were killed.

The children desperately called for rescue in the classroom, but the police had been waiting in the hallway for over an hour.

Reporter Kim Yong-cheol on the sidewalk.

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shooter Ramos got out of a car stuck in a ditch next to the school and started shooting at 11:32 a.m.

Two minutes later he entered the fourth grade classroom and opened fire.

Police arrived at the scene at 11:35 am, but Ramos locked the classroom door and continued shooting, and 911 calls for children's rescue were followed.

[Stephen Macro/Texas Department of Public Safety Commissioner: The girl called again and said 8 to 10 children are alive.

I called 911 and told them to send the police right away.]

At 12:03, 19 police officers were already stationed in the hallway outside the classroom where the shooting was taking place, but they did not subdue the shooter.

At 12:50, border patrol officers who arrived after receiving a request for assistance only after opening the classroom door with the key brought by the security guard killed the shooter.

It means that the police have left the genocide in the hallway outside the classroom for more than an hour.

[Stephen Macro/Texas Department of Public Safety Director: The commander inside decided that more equipment and agents were needed to operate.

It was a really bad decision.]

The school police, who had to stop the gunman from entering, mistook another teacher for a gunman and ran to the back of the school building, leaving the school unprotected.

While the police hesitated, children as young as 10 years old were covered in blood, pretending to be dead, and tricking the shooter into surviving.

(Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)