Russian troops are intensifying their offensive in two eastern Ukrainian states, of which they are pursuing a siege of Severodonetsk, the last base in the state, for full control of Luhansk Oblast.

Under these circumstances, Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed his intention to attend the G20 summit meeting in November in an online format, emphasizing the need for the international community to work together.

Russian troops are believed to have already seized 95% of the state of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, and are now pursuing troops to siege Severodonetsk, the last base in the state on the Ukrainian side, for full seizure.

The British Ministry of Defense pointed out on the 27th that pressure is increasing, such as Russian troops occupying several villages around Popasna in the south of Severodonetsk.

Governor Guydai of Luhansk Oblast, who resists Russian troops, said on social media on the 27th, "We have enough power to defend, but we may have to withdraw to avoid the siege of Russian troops. "There is," he said, saying that withdrawal may be possible depending on the future war situation.

Russian troops are also intensifying their offensive in eastern Donetsk Oblast, which is adjacent to Luhansk Oblast, and pro-Russian militants claimed on the 27th that the Russian side had seized control of the northern town of Liman.

"We have lost Reman. The tactical level of the Russian army is rising," said Arrestvic, an adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Under these circumstances, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended a lecture hosted by an Indonesian think tank online on the 27th.

And the Indonesian government, which chairs the G20 = 20 major countries, said, "I am very grateful that I was invited to the summit meeting in November. I hope the world will solve this big problem by autumn. I'm out. "

He added, "I believe that only friendly and partner countries will attend the summit and that no country will occupy or invade," and the international community will work together to disallow Russia's participation. Emphasized the need.

Regarding the method of attendance, he said, "I would like to attend online if the war continues."

Last month, Indonesian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would attend the summit, and the Russian ambassador to Indonesia said that Putin would attend face-to-face. It states.