my country has built the world's largest vocational education system (new data and new highlights)

  Beijing, May 28 (Reporter Ding Yasong) The reporter recently learned from the Ministry of Education that my country has built the world's largest vocational education system, with a total of 11,200 vocational schools and more than 29.15 million students.

"Secondary and higher vocational schools train about 10 million high-quality technical and technical talents every year. Vocational colleges have expanded their enrollment by 4.133 million in three years, and more than 10,000 vocational schools carry out various types of training for hundreds of millions of people every year." The person in charge of the Adult Education Department introduced that, as an important part of the national education system and human resource development, in recent years, the adaptability of vocational education has been continuously enhanced, and the construction of a modern vocational education system has been accelerated, providing high-quality products for promoting economic and social development and improving national competitiveness. Human resources support.

  ——Resonate with the same frequency of industrial development.

According to statistics, in the past 10 years, the professional catalogue of vocational education has been adjusted twice, with an update rate of more than 70%.

At present, there are more than 1,300 majors and more than 120,000 professional points in vocational schools across the country, which basically cover all fields of the national economy and strongly support my country to become the only country in the world with all industrial categories.

In the fields of modern manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern service industries, more than 70% of new front-line employees come from vocational college graduates.

  ——The school-enterprise cooperation has been deepened.

More than 1,500 vocational education groups (alliances) have been established nationwide, covering more than 45,000 member units including enterprises, schools, industries, and scientific research institutions, forming a characteristic school-running model featuring resource sharing, responsibility sharing, and cooperative development.

Under the incentive of the "land + finance + tax" policy, vocational schools and enterprises have jointly built 24,900 internship training bases, with an average annual growth rate of 8.6%, and the modern apprenticeship pilot program covers more than 1,000 professional points.

  ——Build an "overpass" for students to become talents.

It is understood that there are more than 4,500 vocational schools supporting primary and secondary schools to carry out labor education practice and vocational enlightenment education, covering nearly 110,000 primary and secondary schools, with more than 15 million participants, guiding young people to develop skills to serve the country.

The "Vocational Education College Entrance Examination" system with the content of "cultural quality + vocational skills" has been continuously improved and has become the main channel for vocational school students and ordinary high school students to receive higher vocational education.

  ——Provide abundant resources for lifelong learning of the whole people.

The central finance has supported the construction of a national professional teaching resource bank for vocational education for 10 consecutive years.

On this basis, the "National Vocational Education Smart Education Platform" was officially launched in March this year, covering 19 major categories, 396 higher vocational majors, bringing together more than 660 professional teaching resource banks, more than 1,000 online quality courses and More than 2,000 open video courses and more than 4.2 million videos, pictures, documents and other resources provide sufficient digital resources for national learning.