Two of our films are in the competition category at the Cannes Film Festival.

One is a Korean film made by a Japanese director, and the other is a Korean film directed by a Chinese actor.

This multinational collaboration makes our films more colorful.

From Cannes, reporter Kwak Sang-eun sent us the news.


It is difficult to notice that the movie 'The Broker', which is based on the Korean 'baby box', was directed by a Japanese director.

[Koreeda Hirokazu/'The Broker' Director: I did as much coverage as possible in Korea, thinking that I could create the most universal story by portraying Korean stories well.]

The director uses handwritten letters to communicate deeply with Korean actors I did.

[Lee Ji-eun (IU) / 'Broker' actor: I know that each of the actors wrote such a letter about what kind of life (the character) lived and what kind of thoughts he had...


Audiences give high marks for the chemical bonding of the Korean and Japanese crew.

[Ilda Santiago/Brazilian Film Festival Director: (Director and actor) do not understand the language, but it is surprising that such a perfect performance is possible.]

In director Park Chan-wook's 'Decision to break up', Chinese actor Tang Wei took the lead role.

[Park Chan-wook / 'Decision to break up' director: (Korean lines) I didn't just imitate the sound, I had to know all the meanings of the words to unlock my personality, so I knew everything and acted.]

The director's delicate The language barrier was lowered as the filming progressed, thanks to the directing and fierce performances of the actors.

[Tang Wei/'Decision to break up' Actor: At first, we all prepared an interpreter.

However, as we worked, there was no need (they came to understand each other’s intentions well).]

Multinational film making, which was attempted for the practical reason of securing an audience in more countries, is now improving the competitiveness of Korean films and increasing diversity. there is.

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun, video editing: Kim Byeong-jik)