Cosa Nostra ("Our thing" in Italian) is also nicknamed "the octopus" for its ability to infiltrate all areas of society, and to reach other territories with its arms.

It established itself in New York or Chicago in the 20th century.

The famous "Godfather" of Francis Ford Coppola's film was a member of Cosa Nostra.

It still has thousands of members, but the Sicilians are rising up more and more against the pizzo, the racket with the traders.

And the fight against the mafia continues.

Lia Sava is Attorney General of Palermo.

When judges Falcone and Borsellino died, she wanted to take part in the historic fight against the mafia and left Rome for Sicily, to investigate Cosa Nostra, taking over from her predecessors.

© France 24 / Louise Malnoy

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