A video of actress and singer IU being shoved on the shoulder by a French woman on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival has been released.


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The world premiere screening of 'The Broker', an invitation to the competition section of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, was held at the Lumière Theater in Cannes, France.

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The movie 'The Broker' succeeded in eliciting a warm response by receiving a standing ovation of about 10 minutes.

What became as much a topic of discussion online as a movie was when IU was shoved on the shoulder by a French influencer.

IU, who was staggered for a moment, showed a shy smile, which was captured in the official Cannes YouTube video.

Domestic fans who saw the video responded with anger, such as "It's racist" and "I don't even apologize after bumping into you", and some went to social media accounts and wrote comments asking for an apology.

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As the criticism continued, the influencer tagged IU's SNS account and uploaded an apology video saying, "I'm really sorry about what happened on the red carpet today. It was a mistake."

Netizens responded, "Western people say they're sorry if they rub their body... I really hope it's a mistake", "IU smiles in the meantime~ I'm not the number one singer for nothing ^^"

(Screen source: YouTube Festival de Cannes)