China News Service, Zhuzhou, May 27th (Liu Man and Zhang Hesheng) May 26, the 26th of the fourth lunar month, is said to be the birthday of Shennong, the founder of the Chinese nation, Yandi.

At the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan in Hunan, where Emperor Yan Shennong rested, a sacrificial ceremony was held at the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan, which brought together the feelings of Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad to remember their ancestors.

  At 9:9, after the three ringing of gold, the flags moved, and the honor guard, the Hanfu square, and the guest square lined up neatly, and slowly marched towards the sacrificial hall.

  On the big screen at the event site, a video of blessings sent by Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad to commemorate the birthday of Emperor Yan was played.

  "The Yin of Shaodian, the fire of wood. It is made for Lei, and it guides the people to sow the valley. It is the Yaqin to smooth customs." Yang Yu, a guest commentator at the China Poetry Conference, recited and appreciated "Shen Nong Praise"; North Carolina Chinese leader, Wei Gaorong, the founding chairman of the US-China Economic and Cultural Association (CAECA), recited the original poem "Remembrance"; Lin Ailiang, chairman of the board of directors of the Yandi Shennong Cultural Communication Center in Fujian Mindong, and representatives of overseas Chinese from Germany, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Spain, etc. In the form of video connection, reciting works such as "Lei Si", "Ye Yan Mausoleum" and "Praise of Emperor Yan", sings praises to Emperor Yan, and pays tribute to Emperor Yan... Poetry reading and sending blessings have become a major feature of this year's Yan Emperor Mausoleum Ceremony.

  The video footage shows that at Zhonghe Fuhe Palace in New Taipei City, Taiwan, the followers of Emperor Yan Shennong held a grand ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Yan.

  At 9:29, Shen Hongxing, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yanling County Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, and host of the ceremony announced the official start of the ceremony.

  The drums are played nine times, the gold is ringed nine times, and the cannons are played.

The young man in ancient costume presented offerings such as three animals and five grains to the ancestor of the Chinese nation, Emperor Yan, Shennong.

Hundreds of young people sang "Ode to Emperor Yan".

Afterwards, leaders, guests, and business representatives presented flower baskets to the ancestors of the Chinese nation in turn.

All the staff stood and bowed three times to Shennong, the founder of the Chinese nation.

  "The ancestor of Wei Wu, Emperor Yan Shennong..." Peng Chonggu, the former director of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hunan Province and the chairman of the Hunan Poetry Association, burned the silk book after reading the sacrificial text for Emperor Yan.

Cannons were fired and music was played, and the nine rituals of the Yandi Mausoleum Ceremony came to a successful conclusion.

  The grand opening ceremony of the Meridian Gate was also held after the nine rituals.

Under the interpretation of more than 100 Hanfu lovers dressed in official uniforms of the Ming Dynasty, the Hanfu sacrificial ceremony was even more solemn and shocking.

  After watching a series of activities of the Shennong Temple sacrifice, the Yandi Mausoleum ceremony, and the Hanfu sacrifice ceremony in Taiwan, Ren Guorui, president of the Yanhuang Culture Research Association of Hunan Province, said that whether it is the sacrifice activities or the poetry readings of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, all It embodies the same feeling, that is, under the inspiration of Emperor Yan's culture, the children of China are connected by blood and heart, and they are always full of remembrance of the ancestor's kindness, looking forward to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.