At present, the wheat in the main summer grain producing areas is gradually maturing from south to north, and various regions are harvesting in accordance with the farming season.

The progress of wheat machine harvesting released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that as of 17:00 on May 25, the country has harvested 21.01 million mu of wheat, with a harvest progress of 6.9%, of which more than 90% of the wheat harvest in the southwest region is progressing steadily. .

  On May 25, wheat harvesting began on the same day in Weinan, Shaanxi and Funan, Anhui. In Haining, Zhejiang, which is farther south, the wheat harvest has exceeded 10,000 mu.

Tongguan, Shaanxi:

The first wheat harvest in Guanzhong started yesterday

  In Xihu Village, Qindong Town, Tongguan County, Weinan City, because it is located at the easternmost end of the Guanzhong Plain, with high terrain and strong sunlight, it is the earliest place where wheat matures in Guanzhong area.

Pan Heping, a villager in Xihu Village, Qindong Town, Tongguan County, Weinan City:

This year, all regions in the province have been given guidance on wheat management.

Funan, Anhui: Increase the promotion and application of new agricultural machinery this summer

  On the morning of the 25th, the wheat harvest in Anhui Province was officially opened.

In the 10,000-mu high-quality wheat base in Caoji Town, Funan County, 8 high-horsepower agricultural machines are in full swing.

This summer harvest, the local increase the promotion and application of new agricultural machinery.

Agricultural machine operator Liu Fengxue:

Harvest about 30 acres in one hour, and harvest about 300 acres after working a day. Try to reduce the loss of about 50 kilograms per mu of land, so that the pellets can be returned to the warehouse.

Haining, Zhejiang: Jiangnan wheat harvester and dryer are running at full capacity

  In Haining, Zhejiang, the harvest of wheat has exceeded 10,000 mu.

The city's grain system has set up 5 drying points, equipped with 34 dryers, and the daily drying capacity can reach 568 tons.

In addition, the socialized drying power of Haining City has also increased significantly in recent years, and the daily drying capacity can reach 1,500 tons, which is convenient for grain and farmers to dry nearby.

  According to local preliminary estimates, the quality and yield of wheat in Haining this year are better than those in previous years, and the average yield per mu can reach about 300 kilograms.

By increasing subsidies for farmers to grow grain and remediation of non-agricultural and non-grain arable land, the wheat planting area in Haining this year increased by 50,000 mu compared with last year.

Fuyang, Anhui: More than 7.5 million mu of wheat has entered the mature harvest period

  In Fuyang City, one of the main wheat producing areas in Anhui, more than 7.5 million mu of wheat has gradually entered the mature harvest period.

Liu Tao, a major local grain grower, has planted more than 500 mu of wheat this year, all of which are high-quality varieties.

Although the planting was late last year due to the influence of the weather, due to the intensified application of field water and fertilizer technical measures in the middle and late stages of wheat, the unified prevention and control of head blight was carried out, and the transformation and upgrading of seedling conditions were promoted. A bumper harvest lays a solid foundation.

Liu Tao, a major grain grower in Caoji Town, Funan County:

I counted it, and there are more than 40 grains per ear. The yield is good, and we are very happy.

  Ensuring the smooth progress of the summer harvest involves many factors and requires overall coordination

  When wheat is harvested in summer, it is often seen that "the harvester is invincible all the way in the mature wheat field, and the harvested wheat grains are piled up like mountains".

But in fact, there are many factors involved, and the coordination between these factors.

These reasons can be summed up simply: people, machines, oil, roads, money, agricultural technology, and the current epidemic prevention.

The current spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought certain difficulties to the cross-regional machine harvest of wheat.

In order to ensure the progress of wheat harvest, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with major wheat producing provinces, formulated emergency plans in advance to accurately match the supply and demand of agricultural machinery.

Accurate docking of agricultural machinery supply and demand without leaving blanks and dead ends

Wang Jiayun, deputy director of the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:

This year, there are more than 650,000 combine harvesters that can be used in the "Three Summers" wheat harvesting operations, and the total number is sufficient.

At present, the large-scale wheat harvesting in the Huanghuaihai region is about to start in full swing. In order to ensure that the harvesters will not be affected by the epidemic on the road and cross-regional operations, we will work with major wheat-producing provinces to fully consider the difficulties and problems that may be encountered, and make emergency plans ahead. , and implement the countermeasures in detail.

The most important one is to do a good job in the connection between supply and demand of the working area, and the proportion of completed connection has reached 85%.

Make sure that each county announces the hotline of wheat harvesting, and special shifts are on duty to solve difficulties; an emergency rescue team is set up to cover every township. Liaise with work and provide accurate services; each plot is assigned to service organizations and operators, so that supply and demand are in place, leaving no blanks and dead ends.

Ensure organic availability, oil can be added, pieces can be exchanged, and people can harvest, and make every effort to ensure the smooth development of wheat harvesting, so as to achieve harvest and return to the warehouse.

  To ensure the smooth progress of the summer harvest, we must first protect three things: people, machines, and oil.

Respectively refer to agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery and the oil used by these machinery.

The main wheat producing areas in my country are mainly in the Jianghuai region and the North China Plain. In these regions, large-scale harvesting activities are carried out, and the use of machinery is the most important means.

The suitable harvest period of wheat is only 3 to 5 days after it is mature, and more than 97% are harvested by machines.

How do local governments coordinate people, machines, and oil to ensure the smooth progress of the summer harvest?

Guaranteeing the oil demand of agricultural machinery in Sanxia can send oil to the field as far as possible

  More than 85 million mu of wheat in Henan, the largest province in wheat, is entering the harvesting period from south to north.

In order to ensure the demand for agricultural machinery oil in Sanxia, ​​Sinopec and PetroChina have set up special fueling points for combine harvesters in 1,460 local gas stations.

Zhumadian has set up an oil delivery team to deliver oil to remote locations.


Qihong, a farm machine operator: I made a phone call, and the refueling truck drove directly to the field for refueling, which saved a lot of time.

The information group facilitates the cross-regional operation of agricultural machinery and improves the efficiency of machinery harvesting

  In the past two days, the wheat harvest in Hubei has reached its peak.

In Zaoyang, a large grain-producing county, the agricultural machinery department has set up a machine harvesting operation information group. After the agricultural machine operator registers at the cross-regional operation reception station, the relevant information will be uploaded to the group, and each township can directly connect according to the machine harvesting area, which greatly improves the Machine efficiency.

Shan Xianxian, an agricultural machine operator working across districts in Xuzhou, Jiangsu:

When he goes to each village, he immediately goes to the field, saving a lot of time in the middle.

There will be 16.5 million sets of various types of agricultural machinery in the country

  In the three summers of this year, 16.5 million sets of various agricultural machinery and more than 3 million agricultural machinery operators will be put into summer harvesting, summer planting and summer management.

At present, the large-scale wheat harvesting in the Huanghuaihai area is about to start in full swing. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has set up a special class for machine harvesting operations, and set up a hotline to help solve blockages and problems such as on-the-road and cross-regional operations in a timely manner, and ensure the high-quality progress of wheat machine harvesting. .

  Strengthening Services and Focusing on Meeting the Transportation Demands of Summer Harvest and Summer Sowing

  In the summer of this year, there will be 16.5 million sets of various types of agricultural machinery to be put into summer harvesting, summer planting and summer management.

A large part of the agricultural machinery and tools are to be moved from south to north across regions and provinces. During the operation of these vehicles, how should relevant departments ensure smooth and safe passage?

Li Huaqiang, deputy director of the Transportation Services Department of the Ministry of Transport: At

present, some regions are entering the busy agricultural season of "Three Summers" one after another. We instruct all regions to use fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, materials and other agricultural production materials in accordance with the requirements of not missing the agricultural season. Included in the scope of key material transportation guarantee, priority issuance of passes, priority inspection and release, and effectively ensure the smooth transportation of agricultural materials.

At the same time, organize local areas to actively provide more and better transportation service guarantees for migrant workers returning to their hometowns to work in agriculture through "point-to-point" transport chartered vehicles.

  Improve the level of risk protection to ensure full coverage of food insurance

  Regarding financial services for agriculture, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on May 25 that through six measures, the guiding role of fiscal policy should be brought into play, and financial resources should be leveraged to better support the bailout and development of market players.

Among them, improving the risk protection level of agricultural insurance and ensuring that the major grain-producing counties in the main grain-producing provinces achieve full cost insurance and full coverage of planting income insurance for rice, corn, and wheat in major grain-producing provinces is one of the important measures.