China News Service, Beijing, May 26 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference on May 26.

  A reporter asked: On the 25th, the spokesperson of the US State Department once again made groundless accusations of China's cooperation with Pacific island countries. What's China's comment?

  Wang Wenbin: China and the South Pacific island countries are located in the Asia-Pacific region. The friendly exchanges between the two sides have a long history. In recent years, the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides have been continuously expanded, which has brought great benefits to the people of the two countries and is also sincerely welcomed by the people of the island countries.

What I want to stress is that developing friendly and cooperative relations with Pacific island countries is a long-term strategic policy of China's diplomacy. In developing relations with island countries, China adheres to the principles of mutual benefit, win-win results, openness and inclusiveness, and does not seek any exclusive rights, nor does it take any The three parties pose a threat and, likewise, should not be interfered by third parties.

  The mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the island countries is based on equality and reciprocity, and the fruits of mutual benefit and win-win results are beneficial to the interests of both China and the Pacific island countries, as well as to regional peace, stability and development.

We hope that relevant parties can view the development of China's relations with the island countries in an objective and rational manner, and jointly do more practical things and play a more constructive role in promoting the peace, stability, development and prosperity of the island countries.