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News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening.

Conflicts within the passport are being exposed over the appointment of a new head of the Cabinet Office (ministerial level). As the people oppose the appointment of IBK President Yoon Jong-won, there are also signs that it will escalate into a party-government clash.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo is sticking to the 'Yun Jong-won card'.

The system of responsible prime minister Yoon Seok-yeol promised has been put to the test. 

Kwon Seong-dong, 2nd day "I can't do Yoon Jong-won"

For the second day, Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People's Power, publicly opposed the appointment of President Yoon Jong-won as the head of the government policy coordination office. I poured it out

It was the evaluation of the economists I worked with in the past, and it was because it delivered harsh evaluations such as "self-righteous", "favorable and favorable attitude throughout the five years of the Moon Jae-in administration without beliefs and principles", "leader of a broken economic policy", and "defect in attitude as a high-ranking official".

Kwon's objection to the argument is clear.

President Yoon was a senior economic officer at the Blue House under the Moon Jae-in government, and he was the person who led the major economic policies of the Moon Jae-in government, which were defined as economic policies that failed by the people's power, such as raising the minimum wage and income-led growth.

Following yesterday, I mentioned this logic again today, "Isn't it a bit shameful for a person who was the main character of the Moon Jae-in administration's broken economic policy to go back to work in the new government and agree to it? I think it's right to do it," he said, publicly expressing his opposition.

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(Chairman Yoon) It is really shameful for me to come forward and agree to work in the new government again.

As a high-ranking official, his attitude also has many flaws.

If I was selected by the Moon Jae-in government and enjoyed the benefits, I think it is right to take responsibility for it and self-restrain if our country is not getting better due to the wrong economic policy.

Kwon Seong-dong, who appointed me as Prime Minister Han Deok-soo 

Representative Kwon is also attacking Prime Minister Han Deok-soo because it is known that Prime Minister Han recommended Yoon to the head of the Office of Government Policy Coordination.

Since the Office of Government Policy Coordination is under the Prime Minister's Office, it is natural for the Prime Minister to recommend it, but why is Jong-won Yoon? 

Chairman Kwon said, "I can't understand why the party continues to hire people who oppose it, and why the party insists on hiring people who oppose it." I'm setting the day.

Regarding the appointment of President Yoon Jong-won in the Office of Government Policy Coordination, 100% of the members of the party, and 100% of the lawmakers I asked, are against it.

I don't understand why the party keeps trying to hire people who are opposed to it, or why it's so stubborn.

I think it is appropriate to appoint the head of the Office of Government Policy Coordination as a new person with a new mind at the beginning of the government's inauguration.

If you look in Korea, you can see that there are many economic bureaucrats who have a personality that is higher than that of President Yoon and have the ability to adjust better than anyone else.

I know that the president's office will also look for a replacement person.

(Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People's Power)

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It can be seen that Prime Minister Han Deok-soo did not bend his will to appoint President Yoon, and the backlash from the people's power spread and the level of President Kwon's attacking remarks on the prime minister increased. 

Han Deok-soo who covers Yoon Jong-won

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, in a meeting with reporters yesterday (25th), praised Kwon as "President Jong-won Yoon is a person with great experience," and also said that President Yoon was strong.

As the People's Power claims, President Yoon did not lead the income-led growth, but rather solved the problem of income-led growth. 

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To tell the truth, President Yoon was called because there is a problem with income-led growth.

As President Yoon assumed the position of chief economic officer, income-led growth changed to an 'inclusive growth' policy.

Inclusive growth seems to have put no emphasis on raising the minimum wage by double digits.

When asked if he would accept President Yoon Seok-yeol's appointment of someone other than President Yoon, Prime Minister Han did not give a definitive answer, saying, "I want this verification process to end smoothly." ' doesn't seem to be easy to throw away.  

President Yoon, who gives strength to a prime minister

Then, President Yoon's position would be important, but the presidential office is watching the controversy while avoiding direct comments.

Reports say that President Yoon is in a position to respect the will of Prime Minister Han.        

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Because the Office of Government Policy Coordination assists the Prime Minister and is in charge of directing, supervising, and coordinating policies of central administrative agencies, the will of the Prime Minister has been largely reflected in the appointment of chief executive officers. It's a position.

In addition, President Yoon made several promises to practice the responsible prime minister system since his candidacy. 

However, it is said that it is a burden to have a lot of negative opinions in public service along with the opposition of the people.

Because there are objections besides political reasons.    

Responsible Prime Minister 

President Yoon Seok-yeol, and past presidents promised a responsible prime minister system when they were candidates, saying they would break away from the imperial presidential system, a promise that appears as a regular. 

The Responsible Prime Minister system allows the Prime Minister to share the powers and responsibilities concentrated on the President, but there is no established concept.

However, many agree that the criterion for whether or not a prime minister is responsible is whether or not he actually exercises his/her personnel authority, such as the right to propose a State Council member.

With regard to the appointment of ministers and vice-ministers, it can be said to be a responsible prime minister system when the president does what the prime minister says.

It is evaluated that Prime Minister Kim Jong-pil under President Kim Dae-jung and Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan during President Roh Moo-hyun were close to responsible prime ministers. 

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In the Yoon Seok-Yeol administration, the first test of the responsible prime minister system will be whether President Yoon Jong-Won is appointed as the head of the Office of Government Policy Coordination.

Because of such symbolism, the presidential office has no choice but to deepen its concerns about the 'Yoon Jong-won card'.

a piece of the day

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The university district is hot these days with festivals, and it's the first time I've seen it in three years.

Singers' performances have also resumed.

This is a scene where singer Psy performed last night at Hanyang University.  

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)

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