According to the results of a survey by the research center (available to RT), 34% of respondents look through their mail during the holidays, 27% follow the company's events in work messengers or contact colleagues and discuss work matters.

13% of respondents completely disappear for several days, 11% ignore calls from work, 6% do not respond to messages from colleagues in social networks and instant messengers, and 4% turn off their personal phone.

Survey participants also noted that during their vacation they had to: advise colleagues on work issues (34%);

answer phone calls or emails on business matters (30%);

come to work to solve urgent work issues (8%);

perform work duties while on vacation or at home (8%);

interrupt vacation completely and return to work (1%).

19% did none of the above.

“More than half of Russians (53%) go on vacation every six months or more, 40% of respondents go on vacation once a year, and 7% go on vacation once every two years or less.

Most often, Russians go on vacation for 8–14 days (49%) and 15–28 days (37%), less often they rest for more than 28 days (8%) and no more than seven days (6%),” the study says.

In total, 1910 working residents of the country aged 18-22 took part in the survey.

Earlier, the survey showed that Russians are ready to give up the weekend for wages in the amount of 172 thousand rubles a month.