China Overseas Chinese Network, May 26. According to Kyodo News, the Japanese government is conducting final coordination on the resumption of admission of foreign tourists to Japan within June.

In line with the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures at border ports, such as the increase of the maximum number of entries in a single day from 10,000 to 20,000, entry for tourism is also allowed within this range.

  In order to resume the admission of foreign tourists, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has launched a small-scale group tour demonstration project on May 24 for people related to travel agencies in the United States, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Effective new crown epidemic prevention measures are currently being verified.

  The government plans to develop guidelines based on experience gained from evidence-based projects to support a smooth recovery of acceptance.

At this stage, the accepted objects are group tourists.

There are also concerns that the entry of foreign tourists will lead to the spread of the epidemic again, but the government believes that by restricting group tourists, unnecessary contact can be curbed.

  Regarding the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures at border ports, the single-day entry limit has also been gradually raised, and will be raised to 20,000 people from June 1.