At the Constitutional Research Committee of the House of Representatives, discussions were held by each party on themes such as local autonomy, and opinions were exchanged on how to decide the constituency in national elections and what the local government should be.

Among them, the

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has not fully grasped the actual situation of the region in the area where the population is declining if only the equality of voting values ​​is thoroughly enforced based on the population in the method of deciding the constituency in the national election. He pointed out that he might have to choose, and insisted that it was necessary to eliminate the "joint district" held in the Upper House election.

On the other hand, the

Komeito argued that the value of voting should be equal and the so-called one-vote disparity should be within double, although it is necessary to consider the characteristics and circumstances of the region.

In addition, the

Constitutional Democratic Party said that it should consider diversifying the governing structure according to the times, and chose the mayor from the majority of the parliament, depending on the scale and ability of the local government. He expressed the idea that admitting the system should also be discussed.

▽ The Nippon Ishin no Kai argued that the financial resources and authority should be transferred from the central government to the local governments and the doshusei system should be realized so that the region can be decided by the region.

▽ The Democratic Party for the People is close to the residents. The government argued that the constitution should clearly state that it should be entrusted to the local government as much as possible.

▽ The Communist Party has argued that democracy and local autonomy are being trampled in Okinawa under the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement, and that it is necessary to change the reality.