China News Service, May 26th, a comprehensive report, the British Prime Minister's Office "Party Gate" independent investigation report was fully released on the 25th, including a number of photos of Prime Minister Johnson participating in parties and drinking.

Johnson responded that he "takes full responsibility" for the Prime Minister's office's violation of epidemic prevention regulations and apologized.

On May 25, 2022, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference to respond to the investigation report on the "Party Gate" incident in the Prime Minister's Office.

  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fined by the police for participating in an illegal birthday party for him, according to the report written by the permanent secretary of the British Cabinet Office.

The report stated that 83 people broke the rules at the gathering, some of them drinking, fighting and damaging the property of the Prime Minister's Office.

  Before the report was released, the British media had published four photos of Johnson toasting at a farewell ceremony in November 2020, with at least six people in the picture.

According to the epidemic prevention regulations at the time, indoor gatherings cannot exceed 2 people.

  On the day the investigation report was released, Johnson responded, saying that he "takes full responsibility" for the Prime Minister's Office's breach of epidemic prevention regulations, and once again apologized to Parliament for the scandal.

However, he still claims he did not know the rules were violated at the time and said he was only part of the party briefly.

  According to previous reports, the British police have completed the investigation of the "Party Gate" incident and issued fines to 126 people. British Prime Minister Johnson and his wife and Chancellor of the Exchequer Sunak are on the list of punishment targets.

  In recent months, as the investigation into the "Party Gate" incident has gradually deepened, opposition parties such as the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have repeatedly called for Prime Minister Johnson to resign, and even similar voices have emerged within the Conservative Party.