A new spacecraft under development by American aircraft giant Boeing returned from space to Earth on the 26th after an unmanned test flight.

NASA = NASA said that the test went smoothly and said that it would conduct a manned flight test in the future.

The manned spacecraft "Starliner" being developed by Boeing was launched unmanned on the 20th of this month, Japan time, for the final stage of testing for manned flight, and was successfully docked to the International Space Station.

After conducting multiple tests, the spacecraft left the International Space Station and began returning to Earth on the 26th, landing in New Mexico, western United States, before 8 am.

NASA has already started operating the manned spacecraft developed by SpaceX, but said that it is necessary to operate another type of spacecraft in parallel in order to stably transport it to the International Space Station. , We are continuing to develop the Boeing spacecraft, albeit significantly behind the original schedule.

At a post-landing press conference, NASA and Boeing said they were doing well overall, although they found problems to be solved through the test, and said they would move on to manned flight tests after scrutinizing the data.