China has launched a diplomatic counterattack while the US continues to pressure China.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi toured the island countries in the South Pacific, the front yard of the United States and Australia, to strengthen cooperation.

This is Correspondent Songwook in Beijing.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, on a visit to eight islands in the South Pacific, arrived at his first destination, the Solomon Islands.

Last month, we signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, including dispatching Chinese ships and police.

[Wang Won-bin / Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: Director Wang Yi said that he wants to further develop the relationship between China and the Solomon Islands and become an example of political trust and mutual benefit between China and the South Pacific island countries.

] Discuss a 'comprehensive development vision'.

It will offer carrots, such as multi-million-dollar support and access to the Chinese market.

Instead, they are expected to expand access to the South Pacific's natural resources, engage in cybersecurity, and ensure a resident Chinese workforce for local police training.

Although these South Pacific island countries have small economies, they are strategically located close to Australia, New Zealand and Guam in the United States.

It is interpreted to have started attacking the South Pacific, the front yard of the United States and Australia, against the US public check.

Earlier, China started the trio by claiming to expand the membership of the BRICS, a group of five emerging economies.

The United States, concerned about the Solomon Islands becoming a Chinese military base, immediately put in check.

[Ned Price/US State Department Spokesperson: It should be noted that China

has a pattern of proposing vague and questionable deals with little transparency or regional consultation.]

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The United States is trying to narrow the siege to the masses, and China is trying to break through weak links.

Meanwhile, the world is being engulfed in the vortex of a new Cold War.

(Video coverage: Choi Deok-hyun, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)