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For the start of the Ascension weekend, holiday departures are massive.

Nevertheless, for these holidaymakers, the soaring prices force them to pay attention to their wallets during their stay.

Accommodation with kitchen, free activities… the French are doubling their inventiveness to spend economical holidays. 


For this Ascension weekend, the roads are full and the trains are sold out.

The French seem to need a change of scenery.

Nevertheless, this year, they will have to keep an eye on their wallets.

Faced with soaring prices, some have chosen to be reasonable.

"It allows you to keep a budget for outings"

"Prices have increased. We try to find cheap plans," explains Eric.

For him and Geneviève, there is no question of giving up on their escapade far from Chartres where they live.

But in these more difficult times, they are going to have to watch their spending.

The first of the good plans is that of accommodation.

"Before, we went to the hotel and now we try to go on Airbnb. We can cook in the apartment", explains Eric at the microphone of Europe 1. "So, like that, we don't do the two meals outside", adds Geneviève.

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Cassandra and Jean-Marie have the same reflex.

After driving nearly two hours from Mayenne, they also rented an apartment in a seaside resort.

For this young couple, the priority is to please their children, even if it means going without a restaurant.

"It allows you to keep a budget for outings. We have been locked up so much with the Covid, that we try to please them anyway. Otherwise, it's not a vacation", says Cassandra at the microphone of Europe 1 .

"Since confinement, it's true that people are more careful"

These vacationers want to take advantage of their free time after the pandemic while watching their expenses.

At the tourist office of Saint-Brevin, in Loire-Atlantique, this development has been observed.

"Since the confinement, it's true that people are more careful. We are rather asked for activities that are accessible such as hikes or entertainment, because most of the entertainment organized by the city is free", explains Amandine, in charge from the reception of the tourist office.


Ascension weekend: tourism professionals face the challenge of lack of staff

Despite inflation, there will be people until Sunday at the seaside. All rentals in Saint-Brevin are complete.