Jean-Luc Boujon 7:53 a.m., May 26, 2022

The administrative court of Grenoble suspended the deliberation adopted ten days ago by the city council of the city and which authorized the wearing of the burkini from June 1.

According to the administrative judges, this deliberation undermines the neutrality of the public service, giving reason to the Prefect of Isère who had filed this appeal.

It is a scathing setback for the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle.

Ten days ago, the elected official had his municipal council adopt a deliberation authorizing the wearing of the burkini in the city's swimming pools from June 1.

But yesterday, the administrative court ruled that this provision undermined the neutrality of public services, in that it allowed certain users to derogate from the general obligation to wear close-fitting clothing for a religious purpose. .

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“This decision is incomprehensible”

For Brigitte Boer, opposition municipal councilor, this decision is a matter of common sense.

“It is a relief because this deliberation brought about even more difficulties in relations between men and women, in equality, in secularism. everything they want in France," she said at the microphone of Europe 1.


Burkini at the swimming pool: "We must make public service accessible to all", defends Piolle

According to Soumeya, a member of the Alliance Citoyenne association which has campaigned for years for the authorization of burkinis in swimming pools, this decision is "incomprehensible".

"We are flabbergasted. The prefect, in fact, what he has just banned is nothing less than the freedom of women to decide how they want to dress in the public space, in this case here the municipal swimming pools. It's serious and we won't let it go like that!"

The mayor of Grenoble immediately announced his intention to appeal to the Council of State, which will decide, in the last resort.