The ax is located on the border between Vimmerby and Västervik and is Kalmar County's largest lake.

For some time now, the question of the lake's future has been driven by Västervik's municipality, which wants to abolish the regulation of water flow and demolish the dam hatches.

But locals in the communities of Yxered and Totebo believe that the municipality's solution only postpones the problem.

Farmer Lars-Olof Engström is worried that Yxeredsån, where he collects water, may be drained.

- We may be forced to close down the business if this is implemented, there will be no water in the river when we need it most, he told SVT in an earlier feature.

So now the land and court have followed the line of the municipalities, which means that the lake's water levels will be released in a natural flow.

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Lars-Olof Engström runs a farm next to Yxeredsån and is worried about drainage.

Photo: SVt