“Of course, this should only be welcomed ... The government had the task of finding the moment when the market would be balanced and when it would be possible to calculate the coefficient based on the rise in prices for products, services and non-food products, and index it,” Nilov said.

According to the deputy, the main task was to preserve the purchasing power of those who receive a pension.

“So that the pension does not depreciate based on inflation.

The same applies to wage earners.

Today, about 4 million citizens receive at the minimum wage level.

Basically, these are those who work in the public sector.

Therefore, I welcome this decision and believe that the government should keep its finger on the pulse and, if the situation in the economy does not improve, then in this way the right to enjoy and support our citizens, ”added the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a 10% increase in the amount of pensions for non-working pensioners from June 1 and a 10% increase in the minimum wage from July 1.