Olivier Poels 5:40 p.m., May 25, 2022

It is a beautiful story of Belgian heroism which is at the origin of the name of the café of Liège.

In 1914, the battle of the forts of Liège showed the courage and valor of the Belgian soldiers, who resisted the German invader.

We got wind of this act of bravery as far as Paris, where the restaurateurs and café owners, to pay homage to the Belgians, renamed what was then Viennese coffee into Liège coffee.

Liège coffee is therefore absolutely not from Liège, but from Austria.

It was invented by a certain Georg Kolschitzki.

What is funny is that the history of Viennese coffee is also linked to the war and the resistance.

In 1683, the city of Vienna was besieged by the Turks and thanks to information provided by a young Pole, Georg Kolschitzki, the Viennese achieved victory.

To thank him, they offer him 500 bags of coffee abandoned by the enemy.

With this small nest egg, he opens what will be the first café in Europe.

He will have the brilliant idea of ​​filtering the coffee and serving it with honey and milk.

The denomination of Viennese coffee will however be the prerogative of foreigners.

The Viennese themselves do not speak of Viennese coffee but of "coachman's coffee".

Viennese coffee recipe

Ingredients :

  • 20 cl of liquid cream

  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

  • 8 scoops of coffee ice cream

  • cocoa

  • 4 very cold coffees

  • 16 liqueur coffee beans

  • Whip the whipped cream with the sugar

  • Firmly pack the scoops of ice cream into the glasses and pour the well-iced coffee

  • Top with whipped cream

  • Sprinkle with cocoa and add the coffee beans

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