Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab topped the search engines again, after announcing the arrest of her husband, artist Hossam Habib, and his appearance before the prosecution;

Where she filed a report against him after allegations that she and her two daughters had been exposed and abused, and she called the police for help.

back in secret

What Sherine did revealed that she had returned to marry Hossam Habib again a few weeks after the separation, but in complete secrecy, which he said in the prosecution justifying his presence in her home that he lives with her like any couple, which was stated by his private lawyer to an Egyptian website, despite his keenness For the past few months, Sherine kept the matter hidden, but Hossam confirmed the marriage in order to confirm that he did not harm Sherine or her two daughters.

The prosecution ordered the release of "Habib" in return for a bond of 10,000 pounds (540 US dollars) after interrogation.

The return of the news of the singer Sherine Abdel Wahab sparked a state of controversy on social media platforms. Sherine, after her separation from singer and composer Hossam Habib in December 2021, gave up her hair completely, and appeared in more than one concert, crying badly affected by the situation.

Lots of rumors.. little singing

At a time when Sherine Abdel Wahab's personal problem is at the fore in the search engines, she is in the process of presenting her new album, through which she returns to the albums after an absence since she presented her last albums in 2018 entitled "Nasay" before she was absent from her audience again, but Sherine, who She announced a while ago that she decided to focus on her work, and she has not released her album yet.

Long artistic career

The album, expected to be shown, is only the eighth in her nearly 23-year career since it was discovered by director Nasr Mahrous in 1999, then presented it for the first time in an album with Tamer Hosny entitled "Free Music", which was shown in 2002.

However, Sherine, who was able to achieve great popularity at the time after presenting the album "Jarh Tani" and "I Need to Live", only 7 albums were released during that period, in addition to the songs of her series "My Way", which is also the only dramatic work that starring him. In 2015, after she participated in her debut in 2003 in the movie "Mido Problems" in front of Ahmed Helmy, she did not achieve the expected success in acting with her appearance.

Between retirement and return

Sherine's delay in releasing lyrical albums and implementing her musical and acting projects also comes at a time when she is leading - all the time - her crises. She did not retire and announced her association with the artist Hossam Habib in 2018, with whom she performed a duet "All I Sing", but since the marriage she has been absent from releasing any new albums, as she is still working on the album that Hossam supervises on choosing his songs.

Leaks and crises

During the last four years, Sherine Abdel Wahab not only disappeared from her audience, but she remained present in many crises that she was subjected to, including in 2021 an audio leak of her father-in-law Hossam Habib, in which he talked about Hossam's plan to obtain Sherine's money and then left her because it was his right. Marrying a woman younger than him, Hossam later appeared in a video on his Instagram page to confirm that he was raised with his mother and that his father was trying to destroy his life, but a few months later, the official separation was announced between them.

slips of the tongue

Personal crises are not the only obstacle that hindered Sherine Abdel Wahab's singing career, which from the beginning was competing with singer Angham for the highest-paid artist in the market. Sherine's statements in her concerts also caused her many crises.

In 2017, the Syndicate of Musical Professions suspended her from work and referred her to investigation for a period, after the incident of her concert in Beirut, in which a fan asked her to sing “Masharbash min Nilha.” Sherine commented sarcastic, “Hegelk bilharzia”, accusing her of insulting Egypt, and the union confirmed in a statement at the time. That what happened offended Sherine and the entire Egyptian people before Sherine apologized for the situation and it was bypassed.

In the same year, Sherine Abdel Wahab angered Amr Diab's audience because of her statements during her attendance at the wedding of Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef, where she said, "I want to tell you that salvation has gone to him and salvation has grown old, we are the ones who are coming."

A year later, she admitted that what she said was intentional and in response to Amr Diab, who used to abuse her and was receiving his negative comments about her.

The crisis also affected Tunisia when she said during her performance at the Carthage theater that her daughter when she asked her where she would perform her party and when Tunisia answered her her daughter replied asking parsley, and said there is no difference between Tunisia and parsley because Tunisia is green like parsley, a joke that sparked a state of controversy Also, her time before she returned to apologize and said that she did not mean to offend, but she wanted to make her audience laugh.

She also returned to crises in 2019 after she said during the Christmas party that she was reviving in Cairo, "I am a loss in this country." For insulting Egypt, she apologized through the "Al-Hekaya" program with the media, Amr Adib, and said that her actions were simple and her words were a joke.

Post-breakup crises

After her separation from Hossam Habib in December 2021, Sherine Abdel Wahab continued to lead the search engines, both for shaving her hair, and then because of her crying with the media Amr Adib in a phone call saying that she still loves Hossam Habib.

Rumors of return and separation continued to haunt her, but she presented a statement in which she said that she refuses to talk about her personal life and that she wants to focus during the coming period only on her artwork, before returning again with a new personal crisis through which she raises a state of controversy.