There will be no revolution coming from Normandy on energy prices.

The administrative court of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) has just canceled the municipal decree issued on September 30, 2021 by the communist mayor of Dieppe, Nicolas Langlois, which required the freezing of gas and electricity prices in the municipal territory. , reports

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A theoretical decree, since the determination of these tariffs does not fall within the municipal power.

The regional daily explains that justice will study a similar decree taken in Gonfreville-l'Orcher (also communist), on May 31, with undoubtedly the same result.

The decision of the mayor of Dieppe is “contrary to European directives, to the case law of the Council of State and to the regulatory provisions for calculating the cost of gas and electricity consumption by consumers”, developed the court.

“Serious social and human consequences for all families in difficulty”

By taking this decree last September, the city councilor had no illusions, but considered that it was also his role to alert and place the question in the debate.

The elected official wanted to highlight "the serious social and human consequences for all families in difficulty, with modest and even median incomes, who give up restarting the heating, or whose remaining living no longer allows them to live with dignity. ".

In the background, a stated desire: the creation of a public energy service, “which would protect the consumer from profit”.


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