Be careful if you have received an email asking you to repay a debt or announcing a repayment in your favor.

During this period of income declaration, the Regional Directorate of Public Finances of New-Aquitaine and Gironde warns of phishing practices, in a press release.

Fraudsters sometimes go so far as to use typography and government logos to obtain bank details or login credentials for financial services, in order to steal money.

The administration advises not to answer and not to click on any link, for fear of being directed to a malicious site, sometimes disguised as an institutional site.

They recall that the only official site is:

Check professional card

Some go further, going so far as to usurp the identity of agents.

“The inhabitants of the city of Bruges are called upon to be particularly attentive, indeed several identity thefts have been reported to our departmental property tax service (SDIF), relate the Public Finances.

People pass themselves off as surveyors to the inhabitants.

They can also pose as cadastral agents.

It is advisable to ask to verify their professional card and not to let them in if in doubt.

To check the information received, it is possible to contact the department directly: or on 05 56 24 81 43.

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