On Tuesday, the US Treasury designated individuals and entities affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to the terrorist list.

The ministry said - in a statement - that the sanctions target the Hamas investment office, which it said owns assets valued at more than $500 million, including companies operating in Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and the UAE.

"Hamas has reaped huge returns through its secret investment portfolio while destabilizing Gaza, which faces harsh living and economic conditions," said Elizabeth Rosenberg, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism Financing and Financial Crimes.

The official stressed that the United States is committed to depriving Hamas of the ability to collect and transfer funds and hold it accountable for violence in the region, as she put it.

For his part, the official in the movement, Sami Abu Zuhri, denied the allegations of the United States, and said that "the American allegations are baseless and come in the context of aligning with the Israeli occupation and promoting its false allegations."

The United States considers Hamas a "terrorist group," which is rejected by the movement, which stresses that it is "a national liberation movement that works for Palestine without engaging in any other actions that harm the goal for which it was found."