Her citizens ' proposal


Make it easy and legal to save good food" has been widely circulated in just a few weeks and has been sent to the environmental committee, which will consider it at the end of September.

She thinks that the question is so important and current that it can not wait until after the election.

Therefore, she carried out an action where she invited politicians on their way to the City Council for breakfast outside the town hall.

- It is completely sick that today it is legal to throw away large amounts of good food while it is difficult or illegal to save food, says Tatjana Boric-Persson who sees herself as a "food saver".

Calls for local initiatives

Now she wants to urge Malmö's politicians to push the issue upwards and to take local action already today, something that Skånska Dagbladet wrote about recently.

- A small grocery store in Malmö can throw over a hundred kilos of good food a week.

This, combined with sharply rising food prices, the climate crisis and the tense security policy situation, makes it reprehensible and immoral to continue throwing away good food, says Tatjana Boric Persson.

See more from the action in the video above.

The breakfast consisted of about 50 kilos of recycled food.

If there were refrigerators or freezers outside City Hall, there would be an additional 20 kg of meat and dairy products to eat.

Everything came from garbage cans outside a grocery store.

Photo: Johan Dernelius