China News Service, May 25. According to foreign media reports, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said at the Davos forum in Switzerland on the 24th that Sweden and Finland will attend the NATO summit to be held in Madrid at the end of June.

Prior to this, Finland and Sweden were scheduled to send delegations to Turkey on May 25 to discuss their application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with a view to Turkey changing its opposition.

FILE PHOTO: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  Turkey has prepared a "draft agreement" as the basis for three-way negotiations, according to AFP news agency NTV.

Turkmenistan wants "assurances" that can be made in a formally signed agreement, not "wishes."

  On May 18, Sweden and Finland submitted application letters at NATO headquarters, formally applying to join NATO.

But Sweden and Finland's "joint" plan was opposed by NATO member Turkey.

The Turkish side has repeatedly stressed that when the two countries seek to join NATO, they must stop supporting the PKK, etc., and lift restrictions on Turkey's export of defense equipment.

  According to the regulations, NATO must "unanimously agree" on the premise of 30 member states to admit new members.