Esma Aksungur is now 39 years old.

She is Kurdish from Turkey and came to Sweden in 2001. She is single with five children and has no education.

Four years ago, she and three other women got a so-called start-up job as a janitor at the municipal housing company Poseidon in Gothenburg.

- We have won, both Poseidon and us.

It is great fun to do a good job and help the tenants, says Esma Aksungur.

Strong community at work

SVT meets Esma and her colleagues one morning when they eat breakfast together before work.

These are women, mothers from Bosnia, Vietnam and Somalia, among others.

The language across the table is Swedish.

- It's like a second family, says Esma Aksungur.

Great impact on privacy

Getting a job and an income has greatly affected Esma's life.

- In the beginning I was nervous about whether I would be able to do work and home at the same time, but it has gone very well.

After I started working, I have a good economy and can take care of the children and can buy stuff and I can travel.

In the clip below, you can see what it looked like when SVT met Esma on her very first working day four years ago.

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Esma Aksungur is looking forward to her first job and wants more companies to do as Poseidon.

Photo: SVT