The draft report to be compiled by the government's Regulatory Reform Promotion Council will be clarified soon, and the pillar will be to ask the Diet next year to consider submitting the bill necessary for making the criminal procedure IT. I am.

According to this, in the field of justice, the enactment of the revised Code of Civil Procedure, which is necessary for the introduction of IT in civil procedures, was passed last week, and it is evaluated as "a big step toward digitalization."

He pointed out that the introduction of IT in the criminal procedure would be useful because it would reduce the burden on the victims of the case, and while respecting the autonomous judgment of the judiciary, the bill necessary for the next fiscal year = Reiwa 5 would be submitted to the Diet. We request that you proceed with prompt consideration with a view to submitting it.

In addition, in order to further popularize so-called private lodging, it is necessary to proceed in order from those that can abolish or simplify the documents required for business notification.

Furthermore, based on the experience of spreading the infection of the new corona, we are considering creating an environment where various work styles such as telework, side jobs, and side jobs can be selected, and we are requesting that a conclusion be reached by March next year.