The British public broadcaster BBC has had a broadcast accident with subtitles disparaging the English Premier League (EPL) Manchester United during live news.

According to foreign media such as the British Guardian on the 24th local time, the BBC reported on the news program of the French Open tennis tournament at 9:35 a.m. on the same day, and sent the subtitle 'Manchester United are rubbish' on the screen. I did.

This text appeared at the bottom of the screen where breaking news, match results, and news summaries were displayed.

A photo of the caption was captured quickly spread through social media, and the BBC officially apologized in a news broadcast two hours after the caption was released.

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▲ BBC anchor Anita McVeigh apologizes for the subtitle accident

BBC anchor Anita McVeigh said: "Some viewers may have noticed a strange subtitle mentioning Manchester United at the bottom of the news screen a little while ago.

"To explain what happened, someone behind the screen was learning how to put subtitles. In the process, I randomly wrote a phrase, but it was exposed on the air. I apologize to any Manchester United fans who were offended by the subtitles. . It was not intended to appear on the screen. It was a simple mistake," he added.

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According to the Daily Mail, the main reaction among Manchester United fans was 'there is no need to apologize because the BBC has reported the truth'.

Manchester United continued to make noise this season due to clashes between players and distrust of the manager, and eventually finished sixth in the league with the lowest point (58 points) in the club's history.

When an apology statement was posted on the BBC's official SNS, netizens left comments such as "Why are you apologizing if you told the truth", "It's sad that you are a Manchester United fan, but it's true", and "The most honest BBC report this year".

(Photo = BBC broadcast screen, BBC Instagram capture)