This is a video of joint training of the Chinese and Russian air forces released by the Chinese state-run CCTV military channel.

Russian TU-95 bombers leave the runway, followed by Sukhoi-30 fighters taking off.

Fighters patrol the bombers and escort them.

China received a video made by Russia and released it in an unusual way, and the bombers and fighters in the video are military aircraft that entered our air defense identification zone, Cadiz, yesterday.

Chinese and Russian military aircraft entered the air defense identification zone on two occasions, and Korean F-15 and KF-16 fighters and Japanese fighters were also scrambled, resulting in a situation in which about 10 military aircraft from four countries gathered in the East Sea.

Although the air defense identification zone is not airspace under international law, it is customary to notify the relevant country upon entry, but China and Russia did not.

China claimed it was a routine joint exercise.

[China CCTV Broadcasting: In accordance with the annual military cooperation plan of the Sino-Russian military, a normal combined aerial strategic flight was conducted.


However, given that the combined training of the Sino-Russian air force over the past two years has been conducted in winter, the analysis is predominant that this time, the demonstration was aimed at President Biden's visit to Korea and Japan.

China also sent a carrier squadron of the Liaoning to the waters of southern Japan for military training, and on the 23rd, when the US-Japan summit was held, two frigates equipped with guided missiles passed through the Korean Strait.

(Covering: Kim Ji-seong, Video coverage: Choi Deok-hyun, Editing: Park Chun-bae, CG: Seo Seung-hyun, Producer: D Content Planning Department)