An estimated 50,000 euros, but maybe more, were collected on Monday evening by the police, firefighters and sincere finders on Lerchenberg in Mainz.

The unexpected rain of money fell around 5.30 p.m. around a high-rise complex on streets, sidewalks, squares and garage roofs.

The investigators, to whom individual banknotes were handed over by honest citizens on Tuesday, are still puzzling as to whether it is about hidden drug money or whether a resident of the house was simply inattentive.

The money, if it was hidden there, could have fallen out when airing a pillow and then flew through the air from the balcony, the officials suspect.

The collected package of money is now to be examined more closely before it is forwarded to the responsible lost and found office of the city of Mainz.

The rightful owner can, if his claim to ownership can be proven, collect his money from there, the police said.

By the way, keeping notes found by chance and not handing them over to the police is not a trivial offence, but represents embezzlement, which is punishable by a fine or even imprisonment.