China News Service, May 24. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network" report, the Kuomintang "Legislative Yuan" party group held a press conference on the 24th of Tsai Ing-wen's government's Internet army to manipulate Taiwan's public opinion. The authorities, together with the propaganda funds used by public enterprises, total about 2 billion (NTD, the same below), and require the "audit department" to strictly check whether there is any improper use to support the Internet army. If the "audit department" finds illegal, it will The investigation should also find out the flow of funds and where the money comes from.

  Zeng Mingzong pointed out that the government has allocated a total of 1.1 billion yuan in propaganda funds in 2021, of which the "Agricultural Committee" has the largest amount of 149.71 million yuan, followed by the "Judicial Yuan" with 103.52 million yuan and the "Ministry of Education" with 88.35 million yuan. , and the public sector is set at 800 million yuan, adding up to a total of 2 billion yuan.

  Zeng Mingzong further pointed out that the "Council of Agriculture"'s 2016 quarantine policy marketing plan purchased a number of media, including 12.81 million yuan from Carat Media, 12.77 million yuan for Dongsen, 13 million yuan for the Times, 12.97 million yuan for Minshi, and 13 million yuan for Sanli However, due to the use of inappropriate use, the "Audit Department" approved that 20 million yuan of which was not allowed to be written off, indicating that the authorities' propaganda expenses were improperly used.

  Zheng Zhengqian, deputy secretary-general of the party group, pointed out that there are five major cases of cyber army ruling Taiwan. The cyber army ruling Taiwan has caused great public grievances. There have been organized anti-collaboration of opposition parties, etc., through various groups to anti-collude to publish false remarks, information, and influence the trend. , spreading rumors, etc.

  Hong Mengkai, deputy secretary of the party group, said that the DPP used the Internet army to govern Taiwan. Is it a trick to give the Taiwanese people a chilling effect?

If the problem cannot be solved, just solve the person who raised the problem and allow the 1450 (Green Camp Internet Army) to carry out cyber bullying overwhelmingly. Is this the policy of governing Taiwan under the DPP's rule?

  Wan Meiling, secretary of the party group, said that Tsai Ing-wen is now the commander-in-chief of the four armies of land, sea, air, and cyber forces.

The Kuomintang group appealed to Tsai Ing-wen, please return to her profession, and do not let the whole people see through her hands and feet.