The Democratic Party elected five-term lawmaker Kim Jin-pyo as the candidate for the second half of the National Assembly.

Although the composition of the presidency has been finalized, negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties are sluggish as to where the standing chairperson of the National Assembly, especially the chairperson of the Judiciary, will be appointed.

This content was covered by reporter Kang Min-woo.


Five-term Democratic Party member Kim Jin-pyo was elected as the candidate for the National Assembly Speaker who will lead the second half of the 21st National Assembly.

[Kim Jin-pyo / Democratic Party Member: As the head of the legislative branch, I will also serve as the chairperson who says what I have to say.]

4th term lawmaker Kim Young-ju was elected as the vice-chairman of the National Assembly for the Democratic Party.

Although the outline of the presidency has been revealed, negotiations on the composition of the committee including the standing chairperson, which is the key to the opening of the National Assembly in the second half of the year, are difficult.

The big issue is who will chair the Legislative and Judiciary Committee, called the Senate, which has the most power to decide whether to put a bill into the plenary session.

The People's Power insists on keeping the promise as the ruling and opposition parties agreed to take over the chairperson of the Judiciary for the second half of last July.

[Kwon Seong-dong / People's Power Floor Leader: This is a promise with the people.

Negotiations between the opposition parties are meaningless unless promises to the people are kept.]

On the other hand, the Democratic Party has changed the opposition, so the chairperson of the Judiciary refutes that it is right for the opposition parties to do what is customary.

[Park Hong-geun/Democratic Party Leader: The power of the people should not only rely on political calculations, but also agree to the election of the chairman even today.]

In particular, the Democratic Party's overturning of its position also seems to have played a role in the judgment that a safeguard is needed to check the new government's investigation into the opposition.

The Democratic Party is persuading the plenary session to vote first for the election of the chairperson, but the prevailing view is that it will be difficult to open the National Assembly before the local elections as the people are in the position to negotiate the composition of the original assembly at the same time.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Won-hee Won)